Jensen Blackbird P12/100 BB 12” Breedband Speaker 100 Watt 98 Db


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12 inch speaker very high quality with Alnico magnet.

Jensen Speakers is pleased to announce the newest Jensen AlNiCo.Sold as “The Blackbird”, with its 200 watts of pure AlNiCo tone, is the highest watt AlNiCo speaker ever made.

The first in a new line of high quality professional speakers for the contemporary player, the Blackbird, with its impressive 100 watts of AlNiCo power, has a smooth, distortion-friendly tone, all with unmistakable JENSEN® character. Powerful but classy, the Blackbird offers great dynamics, a very rich harmonic texture with plenty of warmth and a very open high end.

  • Nominal Overall Diameter: 307 mm
  • Musical Power (DIN 45500): 200 Watt
  • Resonance Frequency: 95.1 Hz
  • Nominal Voice Coil Diameter: 50 mm
  • Magnet Weigth: 830 Gr
  • Sensitivity @ 1 W, 1m: 98.0dB

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